The national Tourette Association of America has an extensive website with updated information and resources on many topics.  Parents of school-aged children should review the Tourette Association Resource Page


 Adult Books / Resources:






Children’s Books:






Physicians – A list of physicians that serve Southern California can be attained by visiting (click on the “Medical” tab and then click on the link “Find a Doctor”).  Please note these physicians are not endorsed by the SoCal Chapter or the Tourette Association of America.


Downloadable TS Description Card (printable)

This downloadable/printable card can be helpful in so many situations when an individual with TS is in public.  A simple explanation is provided on the card and it can be handed to another individual to encourage conversation or simply given to another person in an attempt to explain any disruptions without having to initiate the verbal dialog.  This can be very handy when traveling.  Feel free to download this file, or use it as an example and create your own!



Leaky Breaks (check this out!)


GREAT STUFF from Kathy Giordano, Education Specialist with the National Tourette Syndrome Association.

  • Here is a great list of Red Flags that can be used by parents or teachers in helping to identify children with TS.
  • In the TS is More document, one can see examples of the many other issues and disorders that are often present in people with TS.
  • General Educational Difficulties are often found in children with TS and this provides an excellent summary.
  • The SAT test…it still sends shivers down many of our spines.  This SAT Article provides a wealth of information about how high-school kids with TS can understand the process of seeking accommodations.
  • Parent Center Hub, a website that provides excellent information on a wide variety of topics
  • Check out this TSA article about Independent Evaluations and also some specific code sections from the law.