TS Stars!

Scholarship Opportunity:
We have a unique opportunity for high-school aged kids located in California that are pursuing a higher-education college degree program. This scholarship has been created and funded by one of our own local chapter families! At least one $1,000 scholarship per academic school year is expected to be awarded. All interested applicants please click HERE!

The National Tourette Syndrome Association offers a wonderful program called the Youth Ambassador Program. The program is held annually, typically in Washington DC, and is a multi-day program filled with educational opportunities, advocacy training, and networking for teens 13+ years old.  More information can be found by clicking: HERE!

Once trained, Youth Ambassadors play a critical role during the year by offering in-services at schools and other community gatherings in an effort to advocate and educate local communities about Tourette Syndrome. If you would like to speak with one of the current or former Youth Ambassadors from the Southern California chapter, please email Jonah: jonah@tsa-socal.org

All these AMAZING people seen below have Tourette Syndrome and have accomplished amazing achievements!


Tim Howard
Goal Keeper
Tim Howard Shuts out Tourette’s


Jim Eisenreich
Baseball Player
The Jim Eisenreich Foundation



James Durbin
American Idol Star
Durbin’s Website


Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson)
Basketball Player
Abdul-Rauf Finds a Way



Jumaane Williams
Councilman with Tourette’s is a Spokesman for Reform


Jamie Grace


Lane Easley Tourette Syndrome









(click on the poster to download)
Lane Easley



US Olympic Bobsledder
Eric Bernotas


Steve Wallace


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart’s movements and behaviour